VDSN – VIVA Deep Sleep Nutrition

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VDSN – VIVA Deep Sleep Nutrition


VIVA-Deep Sleep Nutrition(DSN), we hold multiple world patents for the only medicine that puts your body to complete sleep. This unique medication has the ability to stop aging at the DNA level. All enzymes, hormones, and interstitial fluids remains intact. By using our neuro antibodies and direct-injection steroids, we have successfully revive our patients to 99.9% of original state(0.01% due to natural oxidation on earth). There are no hoses, machines, pumps, etc… attached to your body while you are on the DSN program. Just relaxation and peace of mind, as short as 60 days or as long as 60 years. Please contact Viva Corporation to lease your sleep pod and enroll in our Deep Sleep Nutrition program.

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